Circuit Board





Introduction: Circuit Board

this is a good way of soldering on a circuit board...

Step 1: Materials

Circuit board
Soldering iron
Component (in this case we'll be using a 7805 regulator)
A light to see what your doing
Some sense on using a soldering iron to not get burned...

Step 2: Working on It...

That kinda looks like a blank circuit board (the one with holes and metal around them) say you wanted to put the plus to something else on the board, for example we'll use a regulator. Solder the plus into the board on the side without metal around the holes, then take the wire and solder it onto the plus pin, or if you don't want to get the regulator too hot, solder the wire to the hole next to it and add only a Little bit of solder between the two......When you do the wiring part make sure its on the opposite side you put your component (in this case the regulator)......

Step 3: ...........

I'll probably get some actual pictures of me doing it when i do this again



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....that...ummm...*sees "be nice" policy warning* It could use some work. A LOT of work.

You could at least include one picture of when the thing is done! Also, how is this different from soldering on a PCB?

This is my first instructable let me know if you have any questions....