I love this blanket!  It is knit in the round using yarn overs to increase every other row which creates the spiral pattern.  I love knitting in the round because I don't have to constantly switch my needle back and forth, especially on projects as big as this.  I always make these blankets for family friends with new babies since it's so fun and unique but you can make them in any size.  It can be done in a solid color but I prefer yarn that makes stripes as you knit because it make a really interesting pattern that changes as your rows get bigger.  It's also a great stash-busting project for a random striped blanket.

Step 1: Pattern, supplies and casting on

I did not write this pattern.  I found it online here
f you just want to look at a knitting pattern, just head on over to that link and have at it!  In this guide, I'm going to go over some tips and tricks to make this pattern easier.

I would recommend using worsted weight yarn or thicker, with the appropriately sized needle.  Mainly, you want your knitting to really show off the swirly pattern created by the yarn-overs so you don't want your stitches too loose.  You also probably don't want to use anything smaller than worsted weight, or you will be knitting this blanket forever.
The blanket I will show you how to start in this tutorial is worsted weight yarn with size 8 needles.
You will need:
at least 1 stitch marker
size 8 (or the appropriately sized needle) dpns (double pointed needles)
size 8 (or the appropriately sized needle) 12 or 16 inch circular needles
size 8 (or the appropriately sized needle) circular needles in increasing lengths.  I love needles that have interchangeable cables for projects like this.
Lots of yarn.  The blanket I start in this tutorial is kind of going to be a random mishmash of different yarns, but they are all approximately worsted weight.

Skills you will need:
Casting on
knitting in the round
knit stitch
casting off

Begin the pattern by casting on 5 stitches.  I like to cast on to one dpn, knit the first row, then distribute the stitches between the other dpns and connect the round.  You should place a stitch marker here.  I like to position this so it is in the middle of one of my dpns so it doesn't slide off while you're knitting on the other needles.

<p>This looks like a good project to do as it could be used for blankets, a shawl or even a jam pot cover! As I'm new to circular knitting I'm always looking for projects of this kind. I am knitting a top-down sweater but this could use-up some of my spare stash. A timeless piece!</p>
I got it. Thanks so much. I can do so much more with this instruction.
<p>Wow, thanks for posting your picture! It looks awesome so far!</p>
<p>Not an easy post to follow </p>
<p>I'm sorry you're having difficulty following it. I tried to make it comprehensive, but it can be hard to explain knitting, haha. Do you have any specific questions about the pattern or techniques? I didn't write the pattern myself, but I can try to help as best I can :)</p>
<p>I knit but want to learn with DPN. The marker I giving me a bit of trouble a to how / when to put on? Does it come off? I tried three times to do the above and it didn't look as good as yours. I put it away to try again tomorrow I I have to watch to see how something's done its a lot easier for me. This way I can actually see how it works </p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Knitting with DPNs can be tricky, and this pattern can be especially difficult. Even when I do this pattern I usually have to start it 3 or 4 times to get the first few rows nice looking. As far as the stitch marker, I usually try to arrange my stitches so the marker will be in the middle of one of the needles so it doesn't slide off. If you're just learning how to knit on DPNs, I've found youtube to be a great source of tutorials if you want to see them in action. Here's a good one! <iframe width="500" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/XqkIdJ3WSzA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></p>
<p>Hi, I love your blanket and I am new to knitting. I do know how to knit in the round.The directions are confusing me at the beginning. </p><p>Cast on 5 stitches, knit around. Place a marker to mark the beginning of the round.</p><p>Next round, make 1 stitch in each stitch (10 stitches).</p><p>How do you get 10 stitches if you are not increasing and there is only 5 stitches on the hook?</p><p>The next row makes since, but not this one. Thank you in advance!</p>
<p>The next round, you increase the amount of stitches to 10 by adding a stitch to each of the 5 existing stitches as you knit around, so you should end up with 10 stitches. Hope that helps!</p>
Looks fantastic. Anyone have any ideas as to how this would done on a round loom? <br>
So cute and creative! Looks like fun to make!
It's so pretty! I love the stripes. :)

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