Circular Laser Bevels on an Epilog... A reality...

Picture of Circular Laser Bevels on an Epilog... A reality...

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(also known as Bob) and I were yammer-jammering about the jig I built here - >  Having a "Bevel-ish" Good Time on the Laser! ...

We got to thinking, and he mentioned he had a small display turntable for showing his lathe-work.  So we decided to figure out a way to use my 45degree jig and his turntable to make bevels and chamfers around a circle with the laser!

Again, this was built at TechShop - thank goodness we have one!

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Step 1: Challenge #1 - Get a bevel/chamfer angle of 45 degrees...

Picture of Challenge #1 - Get a bevel/chamfer angle of 45 degrees...

This was achieved with my previous jig -> Having a "Bevel-ish" Good Time on the Laser!

Step 2: Challenge #2 - Rotate a blank circle to be beveled...

Here's Bob's Turntable.  Pretty simple. Runs on two D-Cell batteries  

One speed, about 3 revs per minute, as timed with a stopwatch.

That's Bob in the background...

He made a sacrificial platter to place on top of the turntable's built-in platter.  He also made a ring to have these align well.  You can see the edges of the 1/8" "Squeeze 'n Sneeze" platter and ring which were connected and glued with a couple of dowels.

Step 3: Challenge #3 - Center a disk on the sacrificial platter...

Bob added some alignment circles to the platter, and this made it easier to get a pretty-close center-on-center alignment between the  platter and the disk to be cut.

This image shows the sacrificial platter after we'd run a few bevels.  The out-of-focus (after passing through the acrylic) laser beam left its mark...  Maybe we should call it Laser Guano!

There was also a thin sheet of aluminum foil between the sacrificial piece and the plastic disk of the turntable, just in case we had a more severe burn-through.

workislove1 year ago
Thank you for confirming my crazy idea! I've been doing some work with a tilted table on the scroll saw and just KNEW there had to be a way to accomplish something similar with thin woods on the laser. I thought up just the same kind of mechanism, but was hesitant to spend the time making it, uncertain if it would be worth the time.

This gives me the confidence to go ahead and try it, I'll be playing around with this sometime soon.
Edgar1 year ago
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Edgar1 year ago
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togo1919 (author)  Edgar1 year ago
Thank you for checking-in.

For some reason, I'm not able to get to the URL you've provided.