Circular Pocket Key Chains




Introduction: Circular Pocket Key Chains

I love key chains! My favorite one is a wizard made by a blacksmith at a Scottish Games and Gathering in Woodland, CA way back in the day.

I've made square ones and advertised them as condom holder key chains... They are a hit bachelorette parties!

You can make these in any shape I suppose. Same concept.

This is a great scrap fabric buster! My scrap fabric bag is OVERFLOWING!!!

You will need:

2″ long – Ribbon (1/8″-1/4″ wide)
Key chain ring
Sewing pins
Sewing machine
Circle template (Mine is 3 1/8″ in diameter)
Half circle template (use the circle template, find the half way mark, and add 3/8″- 1/2″)

Step 1: Cutting Out What You Need...

Cut out 2 circles. I cut out two contrasting colors. One outer fabric and one liner fabric.

Cut out two of the half circles using the outer fabric.

Step 2: Half Circle Prep.

Press a small seam (1/4″) on the half circles

Sew a top stitch over those half circles

Step 3: Pinning...

Stack the circles wrong sides facing each other
Fold the ribbon in half (now 1″). Pin to the edge of the out fabric pointing towards the center.
Pin the half circles (right sides) to the out fabric circle.The straight edges should be overlapping.

Step 4: Sew....

Sew close to the edge around the circle.

Step 5: Press...

Remove pins, turn right side out. Press.

Step 6: More Sewing...

Sew a top stitch close to the edge

Step 7: Finish It Up, Dude!

Install the key chain ring



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