Step 8: Quick mesurements

Picture of Quick mesurements
quick mesure 2.jpg
Starting on the underside of the MDF sheet, you can make some quick rough cut measurements. Start marking from the closest edge of the blade slot and mark back. I chose on the main direction to mark in 5cm increments from the blade. While under the MDF I only marked the flat face, once past the edge of the MDF I marked on the pine beam, for the full length (about 80cm from the blade). On the shorter secondary side of the blade I marked 0.5cm increments, again measuring from the closest edge of the blade slot.

It wasn't done in time for the photos, but I have also marked distances from the 45 degree blade slot, to allow me to make properly dimensioned cuts based on the outside length of the desired result. The marks for the angled cuts are made in red ink and on a 45 degree angle so I don't confuse them.