An element of this drawing of a city block might look deceiving to you.  The lengths of the lines are mentioned in the video.

Please PM me if you'd like a copy of this drawing, via PDF, to see more exact measurements and angles.  Enjoy!


My school didn't allow me to take art. because i had no talent, instead I had to take home ec. Is there anyway you could show how you started this cool picture?  I find it really facinating
You had no talent in art, so they wouldn't let you take art class?&nbsp; That sounds pretty odd.&nbsp; Anyway, I apologize for not giving more specific directions on exactly how to draw this.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> The best way that I can describe how to start this drawing is to frst draw those 2 thick black lines (AB and CD) using a pen.&nbsp; Draw them,&nbsp;using a ruler as a straightedge,&nbsp;at similar angles that you see in the video.&nbsp; They don't have to be the exact same angles that you see in the drawing, just similar.&nbsp; Make them both the same length though (in the video they are both 2.5 inches long).&nbsp; Then do your best to draw the remaining parts of the scene by using the video as a guide.&nbsp; Use a ruler for every line that you draw except for the doors and windows (unless you want to use the ruler for them to).&nbsp; Then use a black marker, such as a sharpie, to enhance those 2 original lines that&nbsp; you drew with you pen.&nbsp; I hope this helps.&nbsp; Again, sorry for just assuming that&nbsp;anyone could just look at this and use it as a blueprint, so to speak.&nbsp; I hope that helps :)
I'm nearly 53-that was really common back then (not very nice huh?)&nbsp; Anyway, thank you so much for all your help
No, that wasn't so nice.&nbsp; No problem :)
Amazing!<br />
Another great one. <br />
Cool illusion!&nbsp; Better call in the Quantity Surveyor, those property lines is WRONG...<br />
That is way cool!<br />
pretty awesome drawings, and great explanation... <br />
PM me if you want a copy.
Wow!...Trippy! o_O<br />
&nbsp;Mind boggling

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