City Block Illusion





Introduction: City Block Illusion

An element of this drawing of a city block might look deceiving to you.  The lengths of the lines are mentioned in the video.

Please PM me if you'd like a copy of this drawing, via PDF, to see more exact measurements and angles.  Enjoy!




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    My school didn't allow me to take art. because i had no talent, instead I had to take home ec. Is there anyway you could show how you started this cool picture?  I find it really facinating

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    You had no talent in art, so they wouldn't let you take art class?  That sounds pretty odd.  Anyway, I apologize for not giving more specific directions on exactly how to draw this. 

    The best way that I can describe how to start this drawing is to frst draw those 2 thick black lines (AB and CD) using a pen.  Draw them, using a ruler as a straightedge, at similar angles that you see in the video.  They don't have to be the exact same angles that you see in the drawing, just similar.  Make them both the same length though (in the video they are both 2.5 inches long).  Then do your best to draw the remaining parts of the scene by using the video as a guide.  Use a ruler for every line that you draw except for the doors and windows (unless you want to use the ruler for them to).  Then use a black marker, such as a sharpie, to enhance those 2 original lines that  you drew with you pen.  I hope this helps.  Again, sorry for just assuming that anyone could just look at this and use it as a blueprint, so to speak.  I hope that helps :)

    I'm nearly 53-that was really common back then (not very nice huh?)  Anyway, thank you so much for all your help

    No, that wasn't so nice.  No problem :)

    Cool illusion!  Better call in the Quantity Surveyor, those property lines is WRONG...

    That is way cool!

    pretty awesome drawings, and great explanation...

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    PM me if you want a copy.

    Wow!...Trippy! o_O