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Introduction: Ikea Hack: City Light

This cute lamp brightens up your day!

Step 1: Materials

I used the FADO Table Lamp from IKEA. Of course, any lamp or light bulb from plain glass would work just fine.

First I bought the Sharpie China Marker, as it stated it would write on glass. That might be, but not on this one.
(btw, it does write and erase very well on plates and mugs)

Then I found the opaque paint marker from DecoColor, it works perfect! You probably want to buy the extra fine one, as the fine one is already pretty thick. And they come in many colors!

I tried to find a marker from the brand Poska, they would be ideal as well. Not sure if they sell this in the USA though.

So, you need:

  • 1 Fado table lamp
  • 1 opaque paint DecoColor marker

Step 2: Use Your Imagination!

Go ahead and pimp your lamp! Honestly, I used Pinterest to boost my creativity. If you want to write on your lamp, on creativemarket.com you find all the fonts you can think of.

It is hard to erase the ink. But a damp cloth can help to get rid of tiny mistakes. Oh, and just so you know, the ink takes little time to dry. Be sure not to wipe out wet ink.

Have fun!

Step 3: Side Note If You Like to Copy the Pattern

For Psisolak, Bubble739 and maybe you who want to copy the pattern:

I just drew directly on the lamp, I don't have a template... But here might be a solution:

  1. Print the panoramic photo, or any drawing you like. Make sure you have a 360 degrees image.
    Or just choose 1 picture and repeat the pattern (looks aways nice). Or draw just 1 image. All fine!
  2. Use tape to fix the photo on the inside of the light bulb
  3. Gently press the paper to the side, so that the drawing becomes more clear
  4. Draw!

Or I would be happy to draw one for you and mail it.

Good luck & have fun!


  • Made one for my girl...-MathijsWester

    MathijsWester made it!


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hi! any chance you could send me a penguin drawing to make on the fado lamp?



I'm making this my first Instructable. :)

I'm thinking what about converting this to a led light + speaker?
Maybe a bluetooth speaker w/ moodlight? Would be great for students living in a small area like a dorm :-)

This ikea furnishing hack is the perfect gift!

Btw the sharpie says "peel off," so maybe that's why it didn't work? Otherwise great instructable

Thank you for the excellent ideas!!!!

Such a creative idea! It's really weird because a friend told me just yesterday that 'marker' can solve a lot of craft mistakes, problems! This is a great one :)

Markers are cool indeed! I like the fact that everything you draw is 'for ever'. Otherwise I keep erasing every tiny mistake until nothing is left :-)

very nice, i really want to make one for myself :)

I really like this but have no drawing talent. any way you could trace one and post it? I have a friend in sf who would love this.