Introduction: Civil Protection Unit (AKA Metrocop) V3

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This is version 3 of my combine mc or Metrocop unit and the final one before EMC (Elite Metro Cop)

Step 1: Lenses

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this time i've added the reflective lenses of the free glasses they give you when you get your eyes dilated. Just ask for them at you're local eye doctor.

Step 2: The Patch

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For the patch I used some white fabric with duct tape and velcro sewn onto it. pretty simple, but adds detail.

Step 3: Pretty Much Those Are the Only Add-ons to It, But Be Looking Forward to EMC Next!


JoshuaS19 (author)2015-05-15

This is actually pretty good, but the Civil Protection had green pants, not dark blue.

DehLeprechaun (author)2011-10-05

very cool!!

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