Civil War Shawl 1




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Introduction: Civil War Shawl 1

Here's another Civil War era shawl that I created for a friend. Since she was buying the yarn, I found some of the most exquisite yarn I could find and loved every minute I worked on it! This one is actually a Lion Brand pattern. It was originally a shawl to be made out of Glitterspun. Instead, I made it out of spun linen (yeah!) and used a much smaller hook and just kept adding rows until it was the size I wanted it to be. The first picture is me working on it at a living history event. The second picture shows my friend wearing it, oh so proudly! :-)



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    where are the instructions? if you just wanted some place to post finish works there are a lot of sites out there (including one that help you sell your stuff) this is Instructables, so instruct me on HOW you made this, Please!

    Thank you. My husband takes the pictures at our reenactments and he prides himself in his work. :-)

    These are very nice! They look big! I would love to have one. Nice pictures too.

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    Thanks. I am for hire, you know... (to crochet shawls, folks!)

    Yes, but I am only 13. I would love to have one, but I don't have a credit card or shipping or whatever. Are you kidding? Or serious?

    Oh, I'm serious. I make shawls and other crochet items for people all the time. The ones that are made from real wool or linen (like this one) are very expensive, though. (We're talking, over $100 for the linen shawl.)

    Oh. Well, I don't have that much.