Civil War Shawl 2




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Introduction: Civil War Shawl 2

I belong to a Civil War reenacting unit that prides itself in authenticity. I enjoy crocheting items for myself and other reenactors while at events. (It makes for great picture taking opportunities!) One of my fellow reenactors wanted me to crochet a shawl for using the most authentic means possible. I took that as permission to go out and buy the most glorious, expensive yarn I could find! Here is a picture of me with the finished product. It is a hunter green shawl crocheted from 100% wool using a double crochet stitch with a fringe and a shell stitch to finish off the top



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    I think a lot of people are missing the whole point of this website.  Unless I've misunderstood it all these years, it's for people to share how they did something, not just to post brag photos.  Those should be saved for Facebook or something similar.

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    I agree. I thought this was going to be a tutorial.

    where did you get the pattern? I have a ton of yarn here at home, and I know its usually cheaper to make your own stuff, so I have been searching for a pattern in the likeness of your shawl. Its very lovely by the way.

    I used to go to Civil War reenactments when I was a kid and I always loved the clothing of the era. Your shawl looks wonderful!

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    Thanks. You could give me a positive rating if you're so inclined. (hint, hint) :-)

    Nah. This one is very easy, actually. It just takes a TON of yarn!