Step 2: Brazing the Clamp

I decided that couldn't be arsed with the hassle of using the stick welder to do this project, my skills are very lapsed and I'm a bit ropey at welding light stuff.

I have a Mapp gas torch and decide to try and braze the clamp together for a couple of reasons, I wanted to see if it the angle was light enough to be brazed by my torch and secondly I do enjoy joining metal together with fire and its a good excuse to let the inner pyro out in a controlled manner.

I used pre fluxed brazing rods for this job.

Its very important to have the work piece propped up very well so it will not move once you start heating things, its most annoying and hazardous if you have to move anything and it is glowing almost white hot.

For brazing its best if the joints are held in a position where the brass can run into the joint well and can require allot of turning on some jobs. 

Once the frame was brazed together i drilled a hole in the angle to mount the lamp swivel.  The swivel was a fine m12 thread and i had only course thread nuts in stock, I was able to retread the swivel to M12.

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