Picture of Clampholder for (digi-)cam
Creating a very cheap but useful holder for your camera.

In the first - sorry for the poor english, but i tried my very best ! ;-)

...greetings from germany !
snug, from
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Step 1: Buying parts

Picture of Buying parts
Buy one of the little minitripods from the mediastore in the near, and a cheap plastic clamp in a hardware store.

Step 2: Reverse engineering

Picture of reverse engineering
remove the legs of the tripod

Step 3: Drilling

Picture of drilling
drill a 5mm hole in one of the the front arms of the clamp.

...and in the end you only have to screw them together - ready !

Step 4: Ready !

Picture of ready !
From now you can screw on the camera and clamp them wherever you want.
bertus52x114 years ago
Nice idea! You should post it in the group "Camera Mounts" as well.
vojtek7 years ago
One awesome tip. and way cheaper than a Gorilla Pod! :)
spinach_dip8 years ago
Is this strong enough to hold a DSLR..or is it more for compact digitals?
snug (author)  spinach_dip7 years ago
...sorry, but i think that dslr`s are too heavy for this kind.
PetervG7 years ago
How did you screw the clamp onto the tripod?
snug (author)  PetervG7 years ago
...screw size M4x10, type "inbus"
clicheasfuc8 years ago
Your English was awesome and so was your idea Fraking Awesome!
(removed by author or community request)
I've been using something similar for paragliding except mine was made with pieces from a "helping hand" soldering aid. Pictures of the mount, camera, and video can be found at:

This is the "helping hand" device:

snug (author)  DELETED_aetjansen8 years ago
yeah, it`s a little tricky - i used a dremel drilling machine to make a more bigger slot in the screw to use a better screwdriver to handle this, cause the head of the screw is a one way.
@ aetj - try some penetrating oil and a few with the blunt end of the screw driver ;)
macfreak48 years ago
Nice! Reminds me of a friend who turned one of his backpacking poles into a walking stick/monopod hybrid, so he could take panoramas. I really should get him to write an instructable about that...
Branden8 years ago
Great idea! An even less expensive suggestion: instead of purchasing a cheap tripod, go to the hardware store and purchase a 1/4"-20 Screw (this is the size of the tripod hole in most cameras), 1/4"-20 Wing Nut, 1/4"-20 Nut, and 2 Washers and you will have all the parts needed to attach to the clamp...
snug (author)  Branden8 years ago
...nice (and a really very cheap) idea, but in this version i think you are not even flexible to correct in every angle YOU want.
snug (author) 8 years ago
Yes, the screw type is a standard one one for almost all Cam`s. ...hmm, i think it`s in this case not for use with heavy cams, but you still only have to change them to a bigger/stronger clamp...or use this only in secure positions with low forces.
also, most regular cameras have a socket for tripods too, so this will work with regular flash cameras
bowdenja8 years ago
Your English is fine.......... very cool idea.