Clampholder for (digi-)cam





Introduction: Clampholder for (digi-)cam

Creating a very cheap but useful holder for your camera.

In the first - sorry for the poor english, but i tried my very best ! ;-)

...greetings from germany !
snug, from

Step 1: Buying Parts

Buy one of the little minitripods from the mediastore in the near, and a cheap plastic clamp in a hardware store.

Step 2: Reverse Engineering

remove the legs of the tripod

Step 3: Drilling

drill a 5mm hole in one of the the front arms of the clamp.

...and in the end you only have to screw them together - ready !

Step 4: Ready !

From now you can screw on the camera and clamp them wherever you want.



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    Nice idea! You should post it in the group "Camera Mounts" as well.

    One awesome tip. and way cheaper than a Gorilla Pod! :)

    Is this strong enough to hold a DSLR..or is it more for compact digitals?

    1 reply

    ...sorry, but i think that dslr`s are too heavy for this kind.

    How did you screw the clamp onto the tripod?

    1 reply

    ...screw size M4x10, type "inbus"

    Your English was awesome and so was your idea Fraking Awesome!


    yeah, it`s a little tricky - i used a dremel drilling machine to make a more bigger slot in the screw to use a better screwdriver to handle this, cause the head of the screw is a one way.

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    @ aetj - try some penetrating oil and a few with the blunt end of the screw driver ;)

    Nice! Reminds me of a friend who turned one of his backpacking poles into a walking stick/monopod hybrid, so he could take panoramas. I really should get him to write an instructable about that...

    Great idea! An even less expensive suggestion: instead of purchasing a cheap tripod, go to the hardware store and purchase a 1/4"-20 Screw (this is the size of the tripod hole in most cameras), 1/4"-20 Wing Nut, 1/4"-20 Nut, and 2 Washers and you will have all the parts needed to attach to the clamp...

    1 reply

    ...nice (and a really very cheap) idea, but in this version i think you are not even flexible to correct in every angle YOU want.


    Yes, the screw type is a standard one one for almost all Cam`s. ...hmm, i think it`s in this case not for use with heavy cams, but you still only have to change them to a bigger/stronger clamp...or use this only in secure positions with low forces.

    also, most regular cameras have a socket for tripods too, so this will work with regular flash cameras

    Your English is fine.......... very cool idea.