Picture of Clampholder for (digi-)cam
Creating a very cheap but useful holder for your camera.

In the first - sorry for the poor english, but i tried my very best ! ;-)

...greetings from germany !
snug, from http://www.pixelklecks.de
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Step 1: Buying parts

Picture of Buying parts
Buy one of the little minitripods from the mediastore in the near, and a cheap plastic clamp in a hardware store.

Step 2: Reverse engineering

Picture of reverse engineering
remove the legs of the tripod

Step 3: Drilling

Picture of drilling
drill a 5mm hole in one of the the front arms of the clamp.

...and in the end you only have to screw them together - ready !

Step 4: Ready !

Picture of ready !
From now you can screw on the camera and clamp them wherever you want.