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Introduction: Clancy Stainer Gowen

I seem to be making a lot of these lately.
Wait for my next slide show which will show the process.

This Childbirth education doll is named after Nancy Wainer Cohen, a midwife, natural birth and VBAC advocate without whom I would not have had my 2 beautiful home births.

For the pattern see my etsy site at
To purchase your own doll, please contact me through my etsy site.



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    amazing this is beautiful - i'm sending it to all my home birth mamas giving birth at home is like nothing else in the world! My 4 yr old cut our new baby girl's cord :) i can't wait for the instructable!

    Wow, this is totally creepy to me. Definitely TMI on childbirth. It grossed me out and I had two children.

    Hahaha, awesome! You did a terrific job on this one, I just have to +1 rate it.