Step 11: Sew

Fold the bow-tie over the fabric section in the front of the bra that used to hold one side of the clasp. Sew the fabric down to the bra over the existing fabric. I double-backed the stitch for extra strength.

<p>Pretty much a waste of time! The girl has to know what it does and agrees with the idea so she might as well wear her normal bra. Experience has proven to me that a girl that wants her bra off can remove it much faster than it can fall off even if you used C-4 plastic explosive to open the latch. If said girl is not in agreement it wouldn't matter what you used to open the latch removing the bra would be like removing a bra that was tattooed on!</p>
is that a guy<br>
Is WHO a guy? The person in the first picture? Because I was wondering the same thing.
<p>Look at the movie below. It is the same person and you can see the person has small breasts. </p>
<p>This is so funny! Thumbs up. Next build: the force feedback underwear *G*</p>
Am I the only one who wonders what happens when the battery dies?
Can you use a ATMEGA328P-PU AVR chip instead ??
That's hallarious - and very&nbsp;inventive.<br> <br> I remember seeing something like this portrayed in some teen&nbsp;B-Movie made years ago.<br> <br> lol - things do have a way of making it from the&nbsp; screen to reality. Even a clap off bra!<br> <br> I&nbsp; Love this! - and can think of a new B-Movie and some not so &quot;B&quot;&nbsp;that the plot surrounds this little jewel.<br> <br> Now I think I'll&nbsp;take this idea and make the clap off Bikini!<br> <br> That should liven up the beaches here in Florida once again.<br> <br> thanx for posting this - it turned my day&nbsp;to the postive as I'll be smiling all day as i look at a woman and think of this invention of yours and adapting it to bikini's as i walk theboardwalk&nbsp;at the&nbsp;beach.<br> <br> ;0) definitly a favorite instuctable.<br> <br> again thanx<br> - chase -
<p>ProTip: bikini with disolvable stitches</p>
<p>Lol, amazing.</p>
<p>I'm not sure what to think about this, i can think of loads of instances where the clap off bra would be impractical, concerts, birthdays, watching TV and loads more where people are clapping a lot! </p>
<p>Hola amig@s de Instructables, gracias a este post en mi web modifique el proyecto para hacer una lampara que se activa con sonido, espero que les guste.</p><p>http://www.guillenxt.com/2014/01/lampara-de-aplausos-con-arduino-sensor.html</p><p>Gracias Clap-Off Bra</p>
<p>Interesting concept. The gears in my brain are turning for other applications this could work with. How about a Pet Door that unlocks when the dog barks to go outside. Hmmm.. I assume it works with any sudden loud noise? <br>How strong is the magnetic draw? Would a rare earth magnet provide a stronger hold?<br>PS - Danica looks a lot like someone I dated many years ago. Ahhh, Memories ;-)</p>
Awesome. Just awesome.
<p>Quite. Quite Awesome.</p>
Heaven help the woman who wears this to a show or event where applause is customary!!
tee-hee- hee -lol! I &quot;applaud&quot;your comment
Thanks. I accept your applause. (looks around to see how many bras are falling off) <br>
I'd copnsider having a permanent magnet provide the clasp, and only have the electromagnet override it. Then it would rung longer, you'd have even less concerns with overheating, and it would default to &quot;stay-closed&quot; of the battery died, which may or may not be a plus...
That's exactly what he did.
I do not understand how I missed it. I just saw it walking meneame.net. Very original, clever and fun!
Ain't nobody got time for that!!!!
For my ex-wife, this idea would have required explosive bolts!!!
CORRECTION: Arabs arent totally sexually repressed. they merely reserve all of it for their spouses. Both men and women arent allowed to be intimate with those they are not married to. Leads to a happier marriage without any jealousy etc.<br><br>putting that aside, hope i can give a suggestion. not that im good at electronics. actually the pulling of the pin using lateral forces is possible. it merely needs a machine that changes the direction of forces. i present to you the.... pulley!!!<br>string is horizontal, then it passes the pulley and change direction by 90 degrees. <br>Just add a bit more cloth below(or above) the hinges to cover the pulley and string. Also would need to take into account ways to put the contraption back together. So maybe dont cover the whole thing. hope it works because with a good gear ratio, you probably could pull it off with a very small DC motor which uses very little voltage. Thinking about durability, the need to washing etc, i guess maybe a bent tube would suffice. the string may get off the pulley tracks right?
this is awesome! but could it be washed? &gt;__&lt;
here are some ideas for clasps that wont use power to keep the bra closed using solenoids. if you make them out of plastic (or metal) you could get them down to about 2cm/ 3/4inch. The first you couldnt hide it behind a bow, but the second can be hidden, and easily reset, you just have to push the pin back in. :) dont have a workshop right now, or is mock something up
I don't understand your circuit at all. There's no A5 on the circuit
I wanna see someone take it one step further and combine with the secret knock detector for a secret clap off bra.
Sorry boyfriend, you have to know the secret knock to see <strong>MY </strong><em>knockers</em>. Gol darn new technology. Sorry I could resist, I could, but I didn't want to<br>
Awesome! Though, like all early prototypes, this design could use a lot of refinement, particularly in the miniaturization department. The end goal being something a lady could comfortably wear for an extended amount of time (as pointed out in another comment.) Using lithium coin cell batteries and SMT components would be a start. I have to think that there must be a good reusable release mechanism that doesn't require as bulky of an electromagnet as well. Perhaps the 3 ring release mentioned below. <br><br>Maybe I'll get it a go :)
I have to say, I don't think this needs to be able to be worn for long term... Picture going to a meeting, and at the end everybody starts clapping.
No, you probably wouldn't wear it to the office. But maybe for a night out... <br><br>In any case it would be easy to add a arm/disarm switch. Or make it only activate on a knock code.
Hmm... I like the knock code
Clever, yes, but why no schematic or breadboard layout ?? chips are not free, and a misguided connect could blow it...<br><br>and when we download the arduino sketch, the filename is vastly different from the filename shown in your instructable... Has it been hacked or what?<br><br>thanks<br>
Terrific project. I loved that you included so much about the development process and some of the &quot;failures&quot; you had along the way. It's a great way to get people thinking about the alternatives.<br><br>I've got one: Since the attachment point should be under a fair amount of tension before release, consider the mechanism used to release malfunctioning parachutes in emergency conditions. It's called a &quot;3 Ring Release&quot; and uses lever action to reduce the force necessary to release the mechanism.<br><br>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-ring_release_system<br><br>It also has possibilities for the trigger on a trebuchet.
what pin do i put the mic on using a regular arduino uno?
For Narnia...
I read the title and totally thought you were trolling.<br>Imagine my surprise and amusement when I discovered you weren't!<br>Adding the BBC article was especially appreciated, btw.<br><br><br><br>But, from the perspective of a wearer such as myself, I gotta say that it would be 1. functionally insufficient and 2. pretty darn uncomfortable. Why? Well, support largely comes from the band, and your mechanism sort of takes over the band, haha. Though I do like the placement of the USB cable - it's like a quirky ribbon trimming, if you will. <br>As for comfort, I would think it's self-evident: some people don't even like tags on their clothing, much less batteries taped to their undergarments. Unfortunately, this little number would have to stay permanently in the bedroom &quot;toy box&quot; - wearing it to go out and then revealing the surprise immediately when you get home would be a no go. I have no idea how these could be resolved (although there is that circuit thread stuff, right?), and I'm sure you've considered these factors, but I figured I'd bring it up to add something from the female POV.<br><br><br><br>Anyway, thumbs up, man.
You might want to remind your date not to take you to the opera or theatre wearing this. <br>Picture it. <br>A romantic candle lit dinner. Your wearing your best new tech undies that saved your life before in a freak bra caught in photocopier accident. <br>You go to the theatre. He looks amazing. The curtain goes down and everyone breaks into applause. A standing ovation.<br>As your bra flies out of your dress. Clapped off. <br>
Your brain goes off in awesome directions.<br><br><br><br>Funny as that situation sounds, it would probably never be a problem to consider (at least not with this prototype). Support largely comes from the band, especially for strapless bras, and this one's band is rather bulky - thus defeating its functional purpose.<br><br><br><br>But if wearing for funsies, who cares about support?!<br><br>XD
Hilarious. You got my vote.
You can applaud your girlfriend for her nice lingerie and then it all comes off as some sort thank you for your appreciation. Very funny, and very cool.
oh the hu-mammary
wow... very cool. After seeing the pic where you used a threaded stud on a nut I got an idea for a better clasp release that won't come undone if your battery dies and your only power drain when the mechanism isn't opening would be the clap sensor.. <br> <br>I would suggest a small pager motor with a worm gear or a threaded tube on one side and a threaded shaft on the other side. Possibly more compact than the relay and it can not unclasp without spinning the motor. Regardless of how you facilitate it, lingere that flys off on command is just beyond amazing! <br> <br>(and thank you Danica, you're an eye catcher)
looks like much fun at parties, could you make a dress that does that?
I would think you could make a dress that does this. The easiest way I can think of is to make a babydoll type dress that has the fabric attached to a bra or boustier outfitted similar to this bra. I'd make the skirt portion very gathered with a seam down the middle in front, though the seam shouldn't come all the way up from the hem to the bra portion. For the dress to fall off properly, the opening down the middle front from the bra should be several inches wider than the hips. The fabric used for the bottom half should be fairly light-weight, and the bra/boustier would need to fit snugly.
@mariejessie good thinking, I would think there would be a market for custom dresses of this type and it sounds like you have the mind to &quot;pull it off&quot; as it were
Ha, good pun! I certainly could make them...but I've found I just don't like contract or production sewing! Feel free to take the idea and run with it.
I will have to look into it, I may make a hinged carbon fiber corset(I work in a company that allows me easy access to the material) do you think an electro-magnet would be a good way to go with the clasping?

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