Step 27: Clasp on. Clap Off

Picture of Clasp on. Clap Off

Plug in the battery. Put the bra on as per normal using the electromagnetic clasp. When you are ready for it to come off, simply clap twice.

If you want to be "modest" about it, you can make your own LED Heart Pasties.

A super-special thanks to Danica Uskert for helping demonstrate the bra.
mogg3 years ago
here are some ideas for clasps that wont use power to keep the bra closed using solenoids. if you make them out of plastic (or metal) you could get them down to about 2cm/ 3/4inch. The first you couldnt hide it behind a bow, but the second can be hidden, and easily reset, you just have to push the pin back in. :) dont have a workshop right now, or is mock something up
bird2brain4 years ago
Terrific project. I loved that you included so much about the development process and some of the "failures" you had along the way. It's a great way to get people thinking about the alternatives.

I've got one: Since the attachment point should be under a fair amount of tension before release, consider the mechanism used to release malfunctioning parachutes in emergency conditions. It's called a "3 Ring Release" and uses lever action to reduce the force necessary to release the mechanism.


It also has possibilities for the trigger on a trebuchet.
baratacus4 years ago
wow... very cool. After seeing the pic where you used a threaded stud on a nut I got an idea for a better clasp release that won't come undone if your battery dies and your only power drain when the mechanism isn't opening would be the clap sensor..

I would suggest a small pager motor with a worm gear or a threaded tube on one side and a threaded shaft on the other side. Possibly more compact than the relay and it can not unclasp without spinning the motor. Regardless of how you facilitate it, lingere that flys off on command is just beyond amazing!

(and thank you Danica, you're an eye catcher)
Garasvaldi4 years ago
looks like much fun at parties, could you make a dress that does that?
I would think you could make a dress that does this. The easiest way I can think of is to make a babydoll type dress that has the fabric attached to a bra or boustier outfitted similar to this bra. I'd make the skirt portion very gathered with a seam down the middle in front, though the seam shouldn't come all the way up from the hem to the bra portion. For the dress to fall off properly, the opening down the middle front from the bra should be several inches wider than the hips. The fabric used for the bottom half should be fairly light-weight, and the bra/boustier would need to fit snugly.
@mariejessie good thinking, I would think there would be a market for custom dresses of this type and it sounds like you have the mind to "pull it off" as it were
Ha, good pun! I certainly could make them...but I've found I just don't like contract or production sewing! Feel free to take the idea and run with it.
I will have to look into it, I may make a hinged carbon fiber corset(I work in a company that allows me easy access to the material) do you think an electro-magnet would be a good way to go with the clasping?
I like the concept in general. What I don't like if I were wearing it is the size of the controller. For a consumer product it seems too big and bulky. However I suspect you could get it made in smaller packaging for a higher production run. You chould find a smaller mechanism for the solenoid release, though you'd need to ensure it can withstand the tension it may face when worn and can actuate properly under tension, both of which may not have been thoroughly tested for this instructable.

When you release an item for consumer use you need test it thoroughly at what you believe will be the extreme conditions. If you plan on selling this at a premium, you may also want to consider life testing if your consumer believes that the product should last a long time given the price.

Can you tell I sew as a hobby but have a degree in mechanical engineering and worked in quality engineering for many years?
this is a wonderful project. Kudos! I must also add that the photography is excellent as well, and i appreciate the abundance of pics to illustrate the steps along the way. very well done 'ible.

Great job! You can make a lot of money out of those but i guess it's not the point here :D