Picture of Clap-on Lights with Tessel


Tessel listens for a clap, then toggles a relay to turn something on and off.

(Also view this project/get the code easily at the Tessel projects page)

You need:

To use:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. Connect lights to Relay Module in Relay port 1
  4. Plug in modules to Tessel: Relay in port A; Ambient in port B
  5. Plug in tessel via USB
  6. Plug in power to lights/relay
  7. Run "tessel run index.js" from this folder in your terminal
  8. Clap! Watch the lights turn on and off.

See it work:

On vine

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Step 1: Plug in wires to Relay module

Picture of Plug in wires to Relay module

A relay acts as a switch– either connecting ('on') or not connecting ('off') the two wires fed into the channel.

Use a pen or a nail to press down on the top of the relay, and feed in the red (power) wire.

The ground wire doesn't go into the relay; it just goes straight to the power adapter.

Step 2: Plug modules in to Tessel

Picture of Plug modules in to Tessel

Relay gets plugged into Port A; Ambient gets plugged into Port B.

Step 3: Plug in Tessel to USB

Picture of Plug in Tessel to USB

Plug in the Tessel to your computer. This provides power and lets you push code.

Step 4: Plug in power to the lights

Picture of Plug in power to the lights
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Carleyy11 months ago

Cool! Have you used this in any larger projects?

SelkeyMoonbeam (author)  Carleyy11 months ago

Not the lights. I've been playing around with electrodes + Tessel lately: