Clapotis for Mom


Introduction: Clapotis for Mom

I knit this clapotis (scarf/shawl) -- my first one -- for my mom's birthday. I love this pattern and though it was daunting to read the instructions, some wonderful charts from people in the KAL made it all make sense; and once I started it was a fast and interesting knit. I'll be making a clapotis for myself soon!

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Needle: US 8 / 5.0 mm
Yarn: Brooks Farm Four Play. 3 skeins = 810.0 yards (740.7m) in colorway EOY 4P 14



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    My sister made one for me - it's purple, green and white! Very nice! Keep up the good work! :-)

    This is so pretty. It has a sort of marbling effect, like you see on the end pages of old books!

    Both of your clapotises look great :-) I hope you make one for yourself soon! You deserve it!

    Hi I am so glad to be in a LION Brand group! I have been a Lion Brand fan for 40 years or more. I found this group in the Instructables group I go to the Lion Brand site all the time!!! I wanted to be an instructor when they were asking for them last year I was much to ill then. I love your scarf and yes the knit knits up fast once you understand the pattern and how to make the stitches blend and combine, nice work and the texture is what I am most interested in when I make a project . nice to be ere . You are my first post and I had to comment on the fine work you did on the stitches they look even and the pattern is even as well nicely done! till next post deLadyBex

    Nice pattern, that looks like a lot of work!