Clara plushie from Princess Jellyfish (Kurara from Kuragehime)

Picture of Clara plushie from Princess Jellyfish (Kurara from Kuragehime)
I recently made a cosplay of Tsukimi in Princess Jellyfish. She's a girl obsessed with jellyfish (that manga / anime is hilarious, I really recommend it). The costume is quite simple but I had to make a plushie of her pet jellyfish Clara. A lot of people seem to have made Clara plushie but I could not find any tutorial, so here is mine!
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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Caution! After making my jellyfish I realized there were many steps I should have done otherwise to make things easier or prettier. Please read thoroughly each step before making your own plushie so you can decide which way works best for you.

You will need :
- light pink fleece + thread
- dark pink felt + thread
- scraps of black felt or fleece + thread
- scraps of white felt or fleece + thread
- scissors
- a sewing needle
- lots of pins
- a not-too-pointy chopstick
- a sewing machine
- a printer
cdstudioNH5 months ago

This is so cute! Not round, but beautiful that way! One way you could try to make a round shape is to wrap a large circle of muslin over a softball, then pin a few darts in, sharpie those seam lines. They might give some guidance of how to form individual pattern pieces.

happyunicorn5 months ago
That was an awesome cute idea
ExquiseMarquise (author)  happyunicorn5 months ago


dodidie1 year ago
I just started watching that anime not to long ago... It really is adorable.
ExquiseMarquise (author)  dodidie1 year ago

I know, right?

samalert3 years ago
soooooooo damn cute !!!!
I have tried to make one soft toy but it was way difficult to sew.

modified the look at end guessing that it wud definitely wont be adorable but ten it was OK not great

and looking at your creation reminded me of those times and truly your creation is so damn neat and gift-able

ExquiseMarquise (author)  samalert3 years ago
Hey, your monster is nice! I am not a big fan of cute and pinkie stuff that I find boring, I usually prefer nerdy / spooky stuff like octopuses, gooey and tentacly creatures. Your plushie looks just fine to me. So, well, you may not take this as a compliment but it is meant as one!
ChrysN3 years ago
So adorable!
ExquiseMarquise (author)  ChrysN3 years ago
Very very cute!

And I have the same problem with heads - I can never get them to come out quite right, ha. But I think yours looks great nonetheless. :D
ExquiseMarquise (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago