Step 6: Building the Jellyfish

Now comes the hardest part and I don't have many pictures.
You have to sew together : the head, the tentacles and the belly. Place the tentacles between the head layer and the belly. I found it rather unconvenient to pin all the tentacles, so I marked the desired location of the tentacles on the belly piece with a pin (there is a little space between every tentacle) and sewed one tentacle after another.

You have 4 or five layers to sew together : 1 for the head, possibly one for the ruff if you sewed it at the bottom of the head, 2 for the tentacle and 1 for the belly. Do not even think about doing it by hand.
Stick a tentacle between the head and the belly. Keep it in place with two pins forming a cross. Sew all that mess slowly and carefully. Stop when you have sewn 6 tentacles out of 8.

Fill the head with filling. Do not overfill, you still need to sew 2 tentacles easily.
Sew the 2 tentacles left. It will be hard, since you have to press a big plushie under the foot of your sewing machine. You will likely have to stop some times and re-sew a bit that you missed.

Your jellyfish is finished!
<p>I made my tentacles a bit smaller, and I used a hot glue gun to put the dots on. (I tried really hard to get pictures but I can't :(</p>
<p>I hope you're happy with it!</p>
<p>this is awesome! I was looking for a pattern to make a spider stuffy for my nephew but nothing looked right till I found this :) thank you for posting this</p>
<p>Thanks! Have a nice spider-crafting!</p>
<p>I finished the Scottish Spider and wanted to share the final creation :) my eyes are a bit more &quot;derpy&quot; then yours lol but I think it turned out great. Again thanks for posting this pattern!!!</p>
<p>Nice! Your spider looks great ! </p>
<p>This is so cute! Not round, but beautiful that way! One way you could try to make a round shape is to wrap a large circle of muslin over a softball, then pin a few darts in, sharpie those seam lines. They might give some guidance of how to form individual pattern pieces.</p>
That was an awesome cute idea
I just started watching that anime not to long ago... It really is adorable.
<p>I know, right?</p>
soooooooo damn cute !!!! <br>I have tried to make one soft toy but it was way difficult to sew. <br> <br>modified the look at end guessing that it wud definitely wont be adorable but ten it was OK not great <br> <br>and looking at your creation reminded me of those times and truly your creation is so damn neat and gift-able <br> <br>
Hey, your monster is nice! I am not a big fan of cute and pinkie stuff that I find boring, I usually prefer nerdy / spooky stuff like octopuses, gooey and tentacly creatures. Your plushie looks just fine to me. So, well, you may not take this as a compliment but it is meant as one!
So adorable!
Very very cute! <br /> <br />And I have the same problem with heads - I can never get them to come out quite right, ha. But I think yours looks great nonetheless. :D

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