Clash of Clans LV.1 Barbarian


Introduction: Clash of Clans LV.1 Barbarian

Hello all !

Continuing my sculpting work on Zbrush I have designed the Barbarian character from Clash of Clans and made it ready for printing. Again this model took three days to finish as I had to make some amends.
The file comes with movable joints so you can pose the model in different positions.
The .stl includes four parts, head, left arm , right arm and torso.
I plan to release a base at a later date for display purposes.

Click on the link below to download the model for free !

You can request to print the model using the website if you don't own a 3D printer.

I used a  Ultimaker 3D  printer using a high resolution and medium infill setting (white PLA)

Feel free to paint the model how you see fit, you can use traditional paints for example Warhammer paints !

If you have any question feel free to ask !



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    Super cool! Any good brands for paint you would recommend?

    Firstly, thank you! This is an excellent model and I want to print it as soon as my printer gets here and is calibrated. I do have one request, would you please upload this and the others to ? I do not have enough credit to get them on the mini site however I will upload photos there after I print them. If not I understand. Thanks again, great work!!