Introduction: Clash Royale/of Clans Elixir Bottle

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Make a game prop. Drinkable as long as you use water.

Step 1: Get a Large Corked Bottle

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I got this bottle at target for 3 USD. A small flask can work too, but doesn't give as much feeling.

Step 2: Add Water

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Simple as that.

Step 3: Food Coloring

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Should be purple.

Step 4: Done

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Add more if you like.


bourgeoisgregory682 (author)2016-11-14

Lol, smooth. I will try and make me a freeze and tell you how that worked out. :)) I like your enthusiasm. If you are thinking about using this elixir in the actual game, you can combine it with other cards. red about great decks on

Hey, thanks for giving me that website link, it really helped me with the game and got me to arena 8. How's that freeze doing?

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