Make a game prop. Drinkable as long as you use water.

Step 1: Get a Large Corked Bottle

I got this bottle at target for 3 USD. A small flask can work too, but doesn't give as much feeling.

Step 2: Add Water

Simple as that.

Step 3: Food Coloring

Should be purple.

Step 4: Done

Add more if you like.
<p>Lol, smooth. I will try and make me a freeze and tell you how that worked out. :)) I like your enthusiasm. If you are thinking about using this elixir in the actual game, you can combine it with other cards. red about great decks on http://clashroyale.wiki/</p>
<p>Hey, thanks for giving me that website link, it really helped me with the game and got me to arena 8. How's that freeze doing?</p>

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