Getting resources in leagues like Gold, Crystal, or Master can be a daunting task especially when you need to upgrade your base. So the answer to your problems Farming. I will show you ways to farm, different farming bases, and what to upgrade.

Step 1: Farming-What Is Farming

Well farming is purposefully dropping enough trophies to get demoted to a lower league. This allows a player that is good enough for a higher league to be able to attack people that are not as good so your able to make lots of gold and elixir for upgrading. I could be in gold league but im farming silver 1.

Step 2: How to Drop Those Darn Trophies

Now you may be wondering how do I drop those trophies well there is a combination of 2 methods. 1 attack with one barbarian or archer or even a goblin, any cheap troop, then leave. This will lose you probably 20 trophies, second put your town hall outside your base. This allows trophy hunters to get the trophies and leave without going for resources.

Step 3: What to Protect

Another good point is what you should protect well that depends on your farm style. I protect my dark elixir 1- because I dont have collectors 2-it is hard to come by. But some choose to protect gold and elixer over all else. Other hold gold over elixer or vice versa. In any case center your village around your favored resources.

Step 4: Walls

So whats to protect your precious resource, and defences. Well walls of course. Walls get more expensive the higher you go but it is well worth it. And this is yet another reason to farm, I have spent 13 million gold just upgrading my walls from gold to crystal. At each town hall level upgrade most or all walls to the highest you can this helps tremendously against hords of enemies.

Step 5: Your Army

Well your army is the most important part of your farm strategy, most farmers have a large army of high lvl barbarians or archers. But I only have lvl 4 barbarians, and lvl 3 archers. Also my army can penetrate deep into the enemy's base desroying everything, so here it is. My army consists of 6 lvl 3 wizards, 10 lvl 3 giants, 33 lvl 4 barbarians, 33 lvl 3 archers and 6 lvl 3 wallbreakers, which makes up 180 troops, also i use 2 lvl 3 lightning spells to take out those pesky mortars. Build your army to what fits your requirements and size.

Step 6: Upgrade

My last point what to upgrade. First upgrade your mines and collecters you'll need the resources, next you need your defences especially your mortars, and wiz towers. Lastly anything to do with your army.

Step 7: So That Wraps It Up

Well thats it I'll do more instuctables on clash of clans. I hope this helped you so keep on clashing claners.

<p>Good tips, will try them next time I play.</p>
great idea ill.try it as soon as i can!!!!
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<p>have you spent any cash for gems or whatever?</p>
<p>No I have not I just save like i saved for my 3rd builders hut</p>
<p>great ideas. never thought of farming. does the attacks on your base result in lots of resource losses at the lower level.</p>
<p>No I only lose about 20k gold or elixir so not much</p>

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