As Halloween approached this year, I wanted to create an "illusion costume" for the students at my school.  I took my inspiration from several posted on YouTube, specifically the "box" costumes.  Since I'm known as the class-clown, I thought it would be a great thing to do!

Items you'll need:

Clown Costume
Cardboard Box
Pants/ Jeans
Shoes or Sneakers
Long-sleeved shirt
Crew-style socks
Plastic Zip Ties
Duct Tape - Packaging Tape
Safety Pins and Fishing Line
Old Backpack
Foam Pool Noodles
Multicolored Foam or Paper Sheets
Foam Head
Clown Mask
Googly Eyes

NOTE: the hands are not seen in the pictures, but have since been modified to look like the clown is "holding" the box!

Step 1: "Class Clown Delivery" Halloween Illusion Costume

First, create the head by combining the googly eyes and mask, to the foam head. Create the "shoulders and spine" by zipping together two piece of lightweight wooden dowels.  I wrapped mine in duct tape for rigidity.  Cover with a long sleeved t-shirt.
Happy Halloween 2016
How do you connect the body to the box do it stays up?
The body is attached to the backpack around my shoulders and the box is tightened around my waist using the slide belt.
I'm gonna have to try this out this year cause this looks cool!<br>Great job!?
<p>how do u block the straps from around your shoulders from showing?</p>
<p>well since the straps exit through the front of the clown, they slip over my shoulders (under the grey shirt pictured) and around under my armpits. be creative!</p>
<p>This looks silly and Awesome can't wait for more costomes!</p>
This looks awesome, and Thank you!!! I've been thinking about making one of these to wear for my students, knew that I could figure out how to make it, but didn't know if I would have time. Now it feels doable! I have an Abraham Lincoln mask around here somewhere.... <br>
thats awesome, u got my vote
thanks buddy!

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