Funny story: I am neither a fan of apricots, nor of goat cheese... But put those babies together and I can't get enough!

This Instructable will show you how to make your own apricot and goat cheese based appetizers in a few easy steps. Plus, they're customizable to your own unique tastes!

Let's get started...

Step 1: Ingredients

The only ingredients absolutely necessary for this recipe are:

1.) Dried Apricots

2.) Goat Cheese

Here, you can see that I've used a Goat Cheese spread from Trader Joe's*; it's sort of like a tangy cream cheese, which is quite delightful.

To actually combine the indredients, you will need:

1.) Fingers, preferably clean.
2.) A butter knife (optional).

Additional ingredients are optional, and they include other dried fruits, various nuts, crackers, or anything else that you might want to mix in with these sweet and tangy flavours.**

*Actually, everything that I've used, sans the butter knife, is from Trader Joe's.
** I take no responsibility for whatever concoctions you come up with (unless, of course, they are awesome). Create at your own risk.

Those look delicious!

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