Step 3: Top It Off...

Fill with pie filling.

Drape a piece of pie dough over the top.

Trim away the excess.

Crimp the edges all the way around.

Cut out pieces that make the display screen and control rings.

You may need to brush the dough with some water to get it to stick.

Using a fork, pierce some vent holes for excess steam to escape when baking.

You can carefully pick it up and do a custom inscription on the back.  Make note of the serial number for all warranty work.

Looks fabulous, I found the headphones didn't bake well and were a bit crispy for my liking.
App le?
yeah, apps didn't really appear until the itouch version.
Then why is it spaced?
Young Jedi, you must harness the power of the pun. A take on the "Classic Apple Pie" for an Apple ipod (Classic App, Le Pie- probably not correct French)
pie-pod awesome!<br>If apples inside your wares are hard before cooked, when they finish baking do you have soft wares?
That doesn't sound too half-baked of at all.

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