Love beef jerky but hate the price?  Make some at home!  They're so much cheaper and tastier when not loaded with chemicals and preservatives!

Step 1: Choosing a meat

In all honesty, you could make jerky out of any type of meat.  Rabbit, chicken, tuna, beef, whatever. 

But for this instructables, we'll be using steak.  Flank steak, exactly.  Other good popular options are brisket, london broil, and round.   Basically, the cheap stuff.  

Also what temperature would this be on? My smoker is also a slow cooker
30 mins really? That's awesome. All other jerky recipes I've seen take like 7 hours cooking minimum
<p>I made a video of exactly how to smoke beef jerky. Hope this helps someone out there. See my YouTube video here http://youtu.be/4RL-wtpOGIM</p>
Can u yous pork
Great thing&hellip;&nbsp;<br>And this is a true smoker : the meat is not cooked really, but it is smoked slowly.<br>I loved it when as a child I saw those 2 big hams hanging inside the huge fireplace of the farm of my parents' friend. They slowly smoked about 2 months wrapped in a cloth (to avoid flies and other uninvited form of life) when the fire was not lit.<br>After the first slices the meat was so tender &hellip; <br><br>Right you should have had them hanging, I would say not only because you could have avoided to turn the but also because they would have caught the smoke more evenly &hellip;&nbsp;<br><br>Love it : lucky guys !&hellip;
&nbsp;if the jerky is in there for 10-15 min isnt it still wet<br /> <br /> becaus it should be dry<br />

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