and designed some custom stands for my web browser generated airshells for airplants (https://www.instructables.com/id/Generating-Airshel... ) with acrylic and brass rods.

Step 1: Order Parts

Here is my material bill as listed on McMaster. Your size might be different, depending on the object.

Ultra Machinable 360 Brass Rod, 3/8" Diameter, 3'Long 8953K149 , 1 Each$17.97 Each

Easy-to-Form 260 Brass Rod, 0.125" Diameter, 3'Long 8859K164 , 1 Pack of 5$17.69 Pack

Optically Clear Cast Acrylic Sheet 1" Thick, 6" x 6" 8560K329, 2 Each17.14 Each

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