Classic Costume Idea: Valley Girl / EDC Barbie Doll





Introduction: Classic Costume Idea: Valley Girl / EDC Barbie Doll

Growing up, I've always love Barbie dolls. Now, you can take this iconic childhood toy and cross it with a little 80s and Electric Daisy Carnival inspiration for a fun DIY costume idea that is, like, gnarly to the max!

Step 1: Start With Costume

First off, I used a pre-bought costume: the trailer park princess, which comes complete with a pink top, zebra print capris, and a tie-on belt.

Step 2: Add Accessories

The color palette for this costume is mainly pink, black, and white. So, I added a pair of pink shoes, and black & white jewelry to compliment the look.

Step 3: Make-Up

Now, for makeup, I used a mix of regular makeup (eyeshadow) and face paint to make this psychedelic look inspired by Hannah Concannon's EDC inspired face paint I looked up to on Instagram.

Step 1: I began with an orange base.

Step 2: I used a burnt red from the Art in the Streets eyeshadow palette from Wet N Wild to add depth to my eyelids.

Step 3: I used white to add arches to my eyebrows and color to my lips.

Step 4: I used black to line my bottom eyelids like black eyeliner.

Step 5: Using a mix of Light Pink and Mauve, I went into painting large swooped up triangles under my eyes, alternating the colors to outline each one and to make them pop out.

Step 6: I finished off the look with a curly blonde wig!

Step 4: Like Totally Electric

Now, you're ready to go all out with this cute electric ensemble! This costume was inspired by a mix of 80s valley girl and Electric Daisy Carnival, where rave music and makeup was all the rage lately.



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