Picture of Classic Feind Mask
This mask Is really fun to make and the teqnique is extremly versitile.
There really are no limits to what you can make.
For best results i suggest having a cast of your face or somthing similar, to work off of.
I'm using a quick mock up form of modeling clay.
You will also need plenty of paper, scissors, washable school glue, paint and primer.

Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Start by applying several layers of glue soaked paper strips to your base. (about 4)
dont cover the bottom of the nose.
jongscx2 years ago
Sorry, I'm curious is the title supposed to be "Fiend" or is that a regional usage of "Feind"?
raith (author)  jongscx2 years ago
Honestly Its a typo