Remember the games of your past?  The games you played and enjoyed over and over?  Enjoy them once again this Halloween with one of these great game costumes that are perfect for all ages!
The Diary of Tetris style
Old-School Gaming Costumes.Sucka!
Game Boy Dress style
No playing, this Game Boy dress is easy to make, and just perfect for Halloween. So press pause on Tetris, and get out your sewing machine, because it's time to build this thing!
Realistic Rubik's Cube Costume style
This costume aims to look more realistic by creating the illusion that it can twist. This illusion is achieved by the exaggerated clevis between the tiles. Although this subtle detail requires a lot ...
OPERATION - The Halloween Costume: TAKE 3 style
A fully "OPERATION-al" Halloween costumeInspired by the original created by Felix Jung (http://www.avoision.com/portnoy/2004/october/29.php) in 2004 and somewhat by Jack W. Bell's take in 2005 (http:/...
Make a
In this instructable, I'll teach you how to create a "plinko" board for prize giveaways. Alternatively, you can use it as a tribute costume to the Price is Right, like I did! For those not in the kn...
Giant Chomping Pacman Costume style
This was my Halloween costume for 2009. It took about a month and a half of planning and work. I built both a Pacman and Ghost, but this writeup will focus on the Pacman. The suit has a functioning ...
Etch a Sketch Costume (Functional!) style
This year my family decided to be "Classic Toys" for Halloween. The Etch a Sketch was always one of my favorite toys, so that's what I decided I had to be! A real Etch a Sketch is filled with alumin...
The Littlest Link- Kid Legend of Zelda Costume style
My husband, being a long-time avid Nintendo fan, noticed that our 20 month-old son could look a lot like Young Link from The Legend of Zelda. A Halloween costume project was born! I have to say, this ...
Super Mario Halloween style
Remember the good old days of Nintendo?  Don't leave them behind you anymore!  Bring Super Mario back into your life this Halloween with these great Mario inspired costumes and Halloween related proje...