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What's your favorite candy? Whether if it's chocolate-y goodness or fruity explosions, everyone loves candy. I always wanted to try to make my own. I mean what better than picking your own flavors and colors and sharing it with everyone you know. I love gummies  but hard candy also holds a special place in my heart. Classic Hard Candy Chews are the perfect blend of the two. They're hard at first, giving you a flavor you can suck on for a while. Then they turn chewy, giving your mouth some exercise :) They're easy to make and hard to mess up. The special part...it even allows you to play with your food. Like taffy, these chews have to be pulled and stretched giving you a pretty good exercise ;) Different flavors and colors can be combined to create the perfect candy for anyone.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Some things you need to make this delicious candy are:
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup of light corn syrup
  • 3 ounces of water
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of flavoring- try extracts, natural juices, and any other flavors you want to try
  • 2 drops food coloring (this is optional)
  • extra butter is necessary for greasing the cookie sheet later
Some other things you need:
  • a saucepan
  • a wooden spoon
  • a candy thermometer (remember when I won CHOW's Thanksgiving contest? Well, I finally got a chance to use that thermometer and it works great)
  • waxed paper or plastic wrap- this it for storage (warning: these candy pieces stick to the most inconvenient things, especially each other)
  • a cookie sheet
  • kitchen shears for cutting the candy
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SaraS44 months ago

Came out perfect! Thanks for this great recipe :)

Geoffers2 years ago
Is corn starch the same as corn flour and is corn syrup the same as normal syrup

glucose syrup

jen7714 (author)  Geoffers2 years ago
In Europe and other nations beside the US, I believe corn starch is the same as corn flour. Corn syrup is not the same as regular pancake syrup though.
kvalmoth1 year ago
Hello, I made two batches today and I came across two problems: 1) If boiled as long as possible, it wouldn't go pass 250.F, does this affect the recipe? 2) I buttered one pan and oiled the other and both times, the candy stuck with a deadly grip. Any advice to change that? Other than that they came out fine. I used flavor water mix instead of dye and flavoring and added a tiny bit of water just to stir it up.
neetz1 year ago
I was actually wondering if you can use candy molds with these?
do you know if they will keep their shape?

jen7714 (author)  neetz1 year ago
I actually never tried it with molds, but I imagine it would hold its shape since it held my spiral shape without a mold.
hey thanks for the great instructable, just one quick question. do you need to use a wooden spoon, and if sou why?
jen7714 (author)  epicdude22001 year ago
No you don't! It's just what I had handy :)
kitkat82 years ago
So I tried this recipe the other day and it did not go very well, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on why. The only thing I did differently in the recipe was use regular corn syrup instead of light. I'm new to candy making and it was all I had. So I followed the instructions pretty much exactly other than the 1 ingredient change but after a few minutes of cooling in the pan my candy was extremely hard. I threw the pan onto a pot of boiling water to soften it and the second it was soft enough picked it up to twist and stretch but I had barely started twisting before it was too hard and cracking a bit again. Eventually I just let it sit over the boiling water again until it had flattened out into a sheet and let it cool then broke it up into chunks of hard candy. It tastes great but is a bit grainy, doesn't soften at all in my mouth and completely is not what I was trying to make! Any ideas?
jen7714 (author)  kitkat82 years ago
Hmm...did you use a candy thermometer? Making candy can be quite tricky, but if you don't have one, you can test the mixture by dropping a bit onto ice and seeing if it firms up. Another factor that also affect it could be humidity, but that is quite hard to control :)
Humidity is much better today so attempt number 2 will be coming shortly, this recipe is very intriguing to me. I am determined to master it!
kitkat82 years ago
I did use a candy thermometre but the humidity probably did it. It is summer here and it gets downright muggy. Perhaps I will save this recipe and try it again when fall hits.
emeraldrox2 years ago
I meant can I make this
emeraldrox2 years ago
This looked soooo good would love to make, but I'm not old enough to use stove? Any way I can make this without a stove
zamrin2 years ago
look gooood!
Geoffers2 years ago
these are amazing:-) :-) .!!!!!:)
jen7714 (author)  Geoffers2 years ago
i was given a candy thermometer for my birthday a few months ago and hadn't yet used it. i have drooled over these for months since i first saw them and today i finally made them!!! mine were blue (only food color i had..that or green :P) and orange flavored
these are the first candies i have ever made that have worked, their just finishing the last stage right now :) it was VERY fun pulling and twisting the cooled candy, a great activity for a bored teen like me....

although...me being able to make candy in 15 minutes (not counting cooling/shaping time) could be dangerous knowledge hahaha

thank you very much for this recipe :D
Wow sounds so easy thanks for sharing your recipe must try this wth my family and
jen7714 (author)  sweetashoney2 years ago
You're welcome! Please do :)
umm can someone help me???
i'm Australian and cant get corn syrup and so many of these wonderful creations need some
what is a substitute?
Corn syrup is bad for us. Make the sugar syrup like the other person said - just as fun and less likely to aggravate organs.
I think you're confusing 'High-fructose corn syrup' with regular corn syrup.
make your own it is very simple check google it is a very simple recipe
Thanks Bowow0807
your welcome! i make my own from time to time if i dont want to got to the store its just water, sugar, salt, and cream of tar tar. just be sure to avoid stirring and getting crystals and when it gets to temperature add water again and hit your temperature again(for more liquid syrup boil it close to the thread stage but for thicker syrup boil it closer to the soft ball) to convert more sugar from sucrose to fructose and etc. so its less likely to crystalize, made some two days ago and I better use it soon since its already crystalizing.
ps. it should last about 2 months.
jen7714 (author)  bowow08073 years ago
I agree. Corn syrup is very easy to make although it does slightly vary in the results. I've heard that golden syrup will work as well.
Popopopper3 years ago
what does it feel like? does it feel like mentos?
jen7714 (author)  Popopopper2 years ago
Not quite like mentos. It seems like hard candy at first, but after a while, it becomes sort of chewy candy.
kevamy11073 years ago
Not sure what I did wrong. Followed the recipe and it's been cool now for about an hour but still hasn't set up. I didn't have a candy thermometer. Could this have resulted from the mix not being to temp?
OK, my Mom taught me to do this without a thermometer; you are looking at your candy mush in a slow rolling boil, and you don't know if it's ready yet. First look at the way less steam is now coming off the surface - you're getting to the stages.
Drop a simple drip or two into a clear short (that your fingers can reach to the bottom) glass 3/4 full of cool water. when you first start the boil, a drop will simply dissolve in the water.
Soft ball stage (good for taffy) - it keeps it's shape, but you can squish it into oblivion.
Hard ball stage (ideal for this recipe) is when the drop falls straight to the bottom, and keeps its shape but feels soft when you squish it.
Hard crack ( for actual hard candy) is when it falls fast, clatters against the bottom, and doesn't squish when you press it.
Don't cook it past hard crack - you'll screw up the recipe and your sauce pan. Have some fun.
Thank you so much!
jen7714 (author)  kevamy11073 years ago
The mixture probably did not reach a high enough temperature. If you do not have a candy thermometer, you can scoop small amounts out as you heat the mixture to see when to take it off the heat.
Good call! Thanks.
ashbegash3 years ago
Yum! These look FAB!! :)
Great job.
jen7714 (author)  ashbegash3 years ago
Thank you!
i have to make this some day :)
aleonard53 years ago
Im gonna try mine with imitation rum extract!
jen7714 (author)  aleonard53 years ago
Awesome! Tell me how it turns out!
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