Thank you Dad , Gramps and Uncles, Brother, for your service and dedication! You are my heroes! You gave up your freedom so we could keep ours! Love and miss you !!!!
Thanks Dad, Grampa, Uncles and Brothers! All served our country proudly. Celebrating our freedom this fourth of July because of them and many others ! Thank you all !
The original design was made by my Dad on an aircraft carrier during WW2. He just missed being burned up in the ships work shop because moments later a Jap Fighter crashed his plane into the side of the aircraft carrier. Everything was melted and the ship was burning. Luckily they put out the fire and the Jap was bye-bye! Dad survived and that is why I am here today! His Guardian Angel saved him that day !
My Grandfather would have been proud!
That is excellent. Love the way it looks. :)
thats a good one , & i remember the 60,s chevy,s desh boars
Thanks for the positive comments!
Fantastic project. It looks very professional Triumphman!
Saved to my favs... will vote when this frame is accepted. ;-)

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Bio: Son of a son of a sailor.
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