Introduction: Classic Origami Box (Extra Rigid)

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This is a classic origami box used for organizing loose items with a slight twist to make the body of the box more rigid so as to withstand harsh handling. It can also be made out of any scrap paper you have lying around, providing a little help to mother nature by reusing (before recycling) our paper wastes.

Step 1: Creasing / Fold Preparations

Picture of Creasing / Fold Preparations
  1. Fold the square piece of paper diagonally using a mountain fold. Then, promptly unfold it once the crease has been made.
  2. Fold it in half, widthwise, and crease it firmly, to make a half fold.
  3. Fold it in half again, but this time, lengthwise to make a quarter fold.

Step 2: Folding Each Corner

Picture of Folding Each Corner
  1. Unfold the piece of paper and flatten it back to it's original square shape.
  2. Fold each of the corners to the centre of the square piece of paper, like shown above.

Step 3: Creasing Box's Top and Bottom Edges

Picture of Creasing Box's Top and Bottom Edges
  1. Fold it lengthwise towards the centre over the triangular fold from the previous step
  2. Repeat this for both sides, left and right.

Step 4: Unfolding

Picture of Unfolding
  1. Unfold all the vertical folds to create a pattern of creases like shown in the picture.

Step 5: Creasing Box's Left and Right Edges

Picture of Creasing Box's Left and Right Edges
  1. Rotate the paper 90 degrees.
  2. Fold both sides inwards meeting at the centre line

Step 6: Refold on the Old Crease

Picture of Refold on the Old Crease
  1. Following the old crease line from step 3, refold the top by 90 degrees to form one edge of the box
  2. Repeat this for the bottom side as well.

Step 7: Locking in the Sides

Picture of Locking in the Sides
  1. Push in the sides of the box edge to lock the edges to prevent sideways motion.
  2. Repeat this for the bottom side.

Step 8: Folding in Excess Paper

Picture of Folding in Excess Paper
  1. Fold in the excess triangular paper inwards to the centre of the box to provide a lot of structural stability and rigidity.
  2. Follow the crease marks as it contours along the edges of the box to lock it in place.

Step 9: Done!

Picture of Done!

Put your loose items to help you organize your stuff, no more messy desks!


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