Step 2:

Fold the paper in half each way and unfold to get 4 smaller squares.

Fold each corner in to the center.

Fold the right and left sides in to meet at the middle then unfold. 
<p>can they be bigger?</p>
<p>Yes, they can be bigger. Use bigger paper.</p>
<p>Me likes it soo much!! :D ??????????????</p>
<p>Really easy to make and the pictures were helpful to follow! ^-^</p>
<p>Great, easy to follow instructions. Thank you!</p>
<p>luv it</p>
<p>OMG!!!!! The last time I tried it, the paper was torn.</p><p>But now I made it!!!!!</p>
<p>Help Me!!</p><p>I'm Stuck on the number 4!!</p>
<p>Thanks! I forgot how to make a box, so I searched it up. This is a different but easier way to make a box than the original way I used! Thanks again~ &gt;v&lt;</p>
<p>Easy and Fun, Thanks!</p>
<p>Woohoo,Yay! I made It and it was easy!</p>
<p>I did it. i did it. Yay!</p>
awesome! Thanks!
This is so much better than the other way to do this! The last step was made a lot easier! Thanks a lot!
It's pretty easy
<p>fica uma bosta</p>
by difficulty would you say this is a 1 2 or 3 (3 being hard!)
<p>Simple, Classic Box - I attach picture, how I made 4 to sort currencies after travelling.</p>
<p>I FINNALY made it on my 3rd try :DDD</p>
<p>this is cool I am a origami fan sooo....</p>
<p>sorry angle of camera now isn't good but I made it sherrycayheyhey was awsome for thinking to upload this</p>
I finally made it
<p>You sure do have a lot of those levers, but the box is pretty cool.</p>
<p>Easy to make and really useful! Finally I have something to keep all my beads organized ^_^</p>
it is so cool how r make that
its coool
Great Instructable - very well done indeed ! Thanks for publishing it !!
Thanks for liking it ;)
AWESOME <br /> <br />Now i can add origami box to my origami collection. <br /> <br />THANKS <br /> <br />ur the true origami ninja
oooh, origami ninja, I like that :)
Awesome! Nothing better than a nice box :) And you have a lot of those LEGO lever things!
you don't even know...
haha, awesome
and thanks :)

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