Picture of Classic Propellor

Build a classic propellor. Remember your toy from your childhood. Have fun building the classic propellor with your kids!

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Step 1: Things you need:

Picture of Things you need:
You will need a block of wood and a dowel by these demensions.

Step 2: Draw:

Picture of Draw:
Draw on the block the following.

Step 3: Shave...

Picture of Shave...
Shave away the wood.

Step 4: Sand

Picture of Sand
Sand the propellor.

Step 5: Drill:

Picture of Drill:
Drill a whole in the middle of the propellor to the size of your dowel.

Step 6: Dowel...

Picture of Dowel...
Put the dowel in the drilled hole, and glue it.

Step 7: Fly your propellor...

Picture of Fly your propellor...
Hold the propellor in your hands and slide your right hand forward, and your left backward, and watch the propellor fly. It can fly over 20 feet.