Classic Wedding Invitation With Lace DIY


Introduction: Classic Wedding Invitation With Lace DIY

This is a step by step for making a beautiful wedding invitation with classic style and lace. Presented by Artenharia

Basically you'll see how the concept was created, will have access to download editable files and you can watch a video walkthrough of the invitation assembly.

To make the invitation you will need:

  1. A4 paper, 180g, white (textured).
  2. Contact adhesive (universal adhesive for crafts)
  3. Lace (2.0 cm wide, wavy texture)
  4. Red tape (1.5 cm wide) to be cut into three pieces:
    • 43cm (to circumvent the invitation)
    • 20 cm (for the most part of the loop)
    • 16cm (for the smallest of the tie)
    • 4cm (for loop closure)
  5. Ruler 40cm + set-square
  6. Stylus
  7. Strass (small or medium-sized)
  8. Gloves
  9. Plastic film

Step 1: Preview the Invitation

To preview the invitation, download the files in PDF format, so you can print at home and see the result of this DIY.

Step 2: ​Watch the Video Tutorial

After watching the video you can already download the editable files and assemble your own invitation at home, spending little money. And the result is so beautiful!

The files are in .EPS and .AI formats

Both can easily be edited in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw



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    Very classy invitation. Nicely done!