Here's a classic prank and awesome prank that I know your gonna love! using a bucket of water!

Step 1: Materials

So here's what your gonna be needing to ruin someones day, and their clothes, and put a dent in their pride! >:D

a bucket of water

a door

a ladder

and a victim (one who is a slow runner, if you know what I'm sayin) 

Step 2: Set Up

so, simply what your gonna do is have the door be open enough to prop he bucket on. then hop on your ladder and place the bucket, And the trap is set! 

Step 3: The Big Finale

 So, once the trap is set and you know your victims name, Call it really loud, maybe make it sound like somethings wrong, then step back, and get ready to run! cause when he/she sees you laughing your gonna be in a world of hurt unless you run. ENJOY!

and please rate for this is entered in the april fools contest.
<p>RED SOX FTW!</p>
nope, Yanks all the way
haha, i have nothing against the phillies, im just not a fan, sorry dude
thats okay<br>
LOL&nbsp;i tried something like this once, and the bucket fell on me, drenching me with ice cold water, and then the bucket bonked me on the head. D'oh! And, probably the worst part of it was, was that I had just called the victim, so they got to watch the whole scene.&nbsp; I happened to be a little upset at that particular moment, (wonder why? lol) so I said &quot;You better get outta here, coz im getten mad!!&quot; and they look up in &quot;mid-laugh&quot; and say &quot;Why are you mad?&quot; and I'm all &quot;CUZ&nbsp;THAT&nbsp;WAS&nbsp;SUPPOSED&nbsp;TO&nbsp;HAPPEN&nbsp;TO&nbsp;YOU!!!!!!!!!!!&quot; and then im all *facepalm* &quot;I wasn't supposed to say that&quot; and they laffed soooooooooooo hard. <br />
Pure gold epic fail<br>
&nbsp;HAHAHA! epic failure!
We tall people don't need ladders.
hehe your probably a short person.
haha you must be orelse you wouldn't belittle me :P<br>
I did this with a plastic shopping bag and a girls hair rubber band thingy, when it fell the rubber band shot off and the bag covered my vic and it didnt hurt them like a bucket but still cool idea with the bucket
You'd better tie a piece of string or something to the bucket or someone might get knocked out...<br><br>I played this one with those little 20c rubber bouncy balls. Hilarious!
Yeah, it was hilarious until mum got up and started yelling... lol
okay...About that...
try this one with eggs or juice or somthing that stains.<br />
&nbsp;ok, thanks, ill remember that
or even paint!<br />
or barf
Why would u do that?<br>
I like your thinkin!
depends on how cruel u r<br />
too bad they take practical jokes seriously here in the Philippines...<br>damn
someone did this to me once but I new it was going to happen and they were standing on the inside of the door so I closed it and it fell on them
lol my sister FREAKED when the bucket dumped
Niiiiiiice lol
&nbsp;what my freind did was did this to the door to the kitchen and the only way to get through to the kitchen was opening the door. it was messy
This is a bad idea as the water bucket may not actually tip completely over to empty the water before the bucket lands on the victims head.&nbsp; the full weight of the water in the bucket could cause&nbsp;a range of injuries from bruising to neck trauma.&nbsp; :-(
&nbsp;the only way that the bucket were to not tip over would if there was a string attached to the handle, the only way for the bucket to fall is to have it off balance so when you open the door the bucket tips over, or to push against the door really hard<br /> <br />
&nbsp;again can't you please rate more then just a 3.09? thats all you've put! (sorry its just I thought that this was a better instructable than the other 3)
Your right, It was a better instructable than the other three.<br /> <br /> Actually, I rated it a 5.0, but it averages out the rating, even if another person rates it 5.0 it won't show up as a 5.0, the rating will just increase respectively.
&nbsp;OHHHH..... how strange
Yeah, but I like it cause' then some idiot can't go around taking instructables rated 5.0 and move them down to 0.5
Now it has 6 ratings, you can see how it slowly changes.

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