Up until the 1960s, most automobile windshield wipers were powered by vacuum motors.  I have a 51 Willys pickup with a vac motor.  The last time I registered the truck, the only way I could get the wipers to pass the inspection was to mist the windshield with a water spray bottle before turning them on.  It is time to reregister the truck and the wiper motor has failed. 

This Instructable describes the process I used to convert the wipers from the original vacuum motor to a 12 volt motor.  If you choose to make this conversion,  I suggest you read through all of the steps before starting.  These instructions are a little disjointed.

Step 1: Know what you need to replace

This is my vacuum motor.  There are several sizes of these motors.  To make the replacement, you will need to duplicate the motor drive hub and mounting holes pattern of your own motor.
You did a fantastic job! I'll second the photo request, I love classic trucks! By the way, did she pass inspection?
Please post a pic of your car, would love to see it.
Good to know for anyone with a classic car!

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