A short instructable on how to make a classic paper airplane, though I doubt many people don't already know how to make one.
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Step 1: Folding 1

First, fold a peice of 8 1/2 x 11 or other size sheet of paper in half as shown

Step 2: Folding 2

Then fold the top left and right corners as shown

Step 3: Folding 3

Then, fold the corners again as shown

Step 4: Folding 4

Then, fold the peice of paper in half again, as show. Make sure the folded parts don't get bent.

Step 5: Folding 5

Fold the side down so it lines up with the bottom of the plane as shown. Do th same with the other side

Step 6: TADA!

It's finished! Go fly your new paper plane!