Picture of Classroom cannon (bic m10 clic)
This is a simple and powerfull BIC pen cannon
I hope you like this
:P Be safe and have FUN

Step 1: You will Need

Picture of You will Need
You will need:
A bic pen as shown below
A brain !

And thats it really it is im not joking !
skaterboy113 years ago
ima firin my pen gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
skaterboy113 years ago
where can you buy an m10 pen????????????????????????????????????
all you said you needed was the pen and a brain
cantbesaved5 years ago
i didnt think you would have drills in school if you were making it at school
jrig5 years ago
may you can glue the spring in it????
EnigmaMax6 years ago
you should include that you need a drill for this too.
pilotlim6 years ago
So it should be more powerful than the G2 pen gun. Right?
I it easier to use a normal bic click but good instructable
this has been done many times but its still cool
yea i always do this.
Madass26 years ago
imo waste of a pen but it is still a good instructable
minerug6 years ago
Hehehe, this makes me remember all the screams of annoyance i created in the classroom..
camb00 (author)  minerug6 years ago
LOL Good Job ;)
minerug camb006 years ago
I thought so too at the time..