Classy Bike Handlebars for 1 Dollar in One Minute





Introduction: Classy Bike Handlebars for 1 Dollar in One Minute

Give your bike that elegant facade it's been longing for, with the help of your neighborhood thrift store and dumpster!

Step 1: Everything

So, I just did this handlebar trick for the first time yesterday, and I was wicked pleased with how it feel to ride--It turns any bike into an instant millenium-falcon-meets-Pier-1 hybrid (or maybe that's my imagination...). Ch-check it out!

It's wicked simple--First, go to a thrift store, and check out the kitchen section. I found these nice saltshakers for a buck. Get something that's pretty, feels good, and is long-ish.
Next, you'll need an old bike inner tube. If you don't have tons of them lying around in your kitchen, taking up all the space where you wish you could be keeping your recycling(...), go the dumpster behind a bike store, and there's always tons of them.
Cut off the valve from the bike tube, and cut it in two. Keeping the inner tube really tight, lash on your items-of-choice to your handlebars. For those of you new to inner tube lashing, all you do is wrap an inner tube really tightly around a couple of things, tuck the end under a loop, and then they stick together really well!

You're done!--go find someone to admire your maaddd skillzzzzzzz

(and always remember--Art is Wrong! sooooo wrong. OMG it's wrong wow)

p.s.--the dinner plate and wineglass attachments in the picture are optional. I kinda went all out making
DinnerBike (



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    Thanks Prank. This made my night!!

    Yeah, wear a Victorian suit while you're at it. priceless!

    haha funny funny

    And where is the Doily? Early American Shakers with Silver....Never! Love it!


    i want to see pictures of you riding and eating simultaniously.... awesome....

    coming soon... I did tow 200 pounds of lumber on a massachussets highway with it a couple days ago. Check out my loft instructable! (every driver on that road appreciated me a whole bunch. Everyone's so much more relaxed when they're going the same speed as a sweaty tired guy on a bike...)

    Great instructable - it is good to see that the spirit of eccentric insanity is still alive and well. Pete

    Easily my favorite Instructable ever. Very funny stuff.