Picture of Classy wood case for Bic lighter
Cheap and reasonably easy way to add some warmth to your lighter!

Wood veneer is great and light yet resistant structures can be made with it. Since I wanted a 'classic' twist to my Bic, the wood veneer turned out to be the obvious choice. I like the look minimal, hence I limited the finish to a simple lacquer, but feel free to push it further along your imagination! The instructable is explained for a Bic lighter but can be adapted to most lighter shapes. 
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Step 1: Tools & Materials

You will need:
- approx. 4'' x 9'' of wood veneer
- utility knife
- wood glue
- precision saw OR rotary tool (e.g. Dremel)
- drill
- your favorite wood finishing
- fine sandpaper
- rubber bands

Step 2: Cutting the veneer

Picture of Cutting the veneer
For the case and its bottom I used two layers of wood veneer, otherwise it would fall apart. You can add extra layers if you want it heavier or just thicker for a better grip. 

The dimensions don't matter, since you'll trim most of it, so simply use your lighter as a reference. However, the orientation of the veneer is really important!
- for the case: make sure the grain of both layers goes in the same direction as the lighter. This will make the bending possible.
- for the bottom: each layer has to be in an opposite grain direction. The bottom will be flat, so this will help it keep its rigidity. 

What type of veneer did you use?
woz.artur (author)  militarymodelmaker2 years ago
This one is pine, probably 1/16" thick but i don't remember, it comes in rolls or sheets. It worked well for the bending, but the next time (i lost this one) i'll use a more exotic veneer! :P
_Scratch_3 years ago
Fire hazard much?
That's just dumb

How would a wooden cover on a lighter be any more of a fire hazard than the PLASTIC cover it comes with (and still has)?
woz.artur (author)  _Scratch_3 years ago
Not at all. I've been using it for a month and there are not even traces of burnt or melted material; it works as it did before.
CaseBoy3 years ago
i must find a cheap zippo like lighter to do this to.
tato3123 years ago
wow this looks reeaaaaally neat dude! nice job
splazem3 years ago
Very classy! I love it!
Very classy and nice! This must be featured! :D