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Introduction: Claw Business Card V1

About: I like to make inventions, usually out of paper and stuff I have. I have a few projects that i haven't put up on instructables yet...

I have finally gotten around to upload this to Instructables, I have been extremely busy with school. I plan on making a full instructable soon with a newer version. I was inspired by this instructable and I thought, why not just use the mechanism I created in my Claw 2.0 for a business card? This is the first prototype, I plan on making it stronger and a bit thinner(it is 3mm tall). I also made a youtube video, it is below. I plan on making more instructables soon, I have a few ideas that I plan on making.

Link to the thingiverse page with downloads for the prototype

Youtube video



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    3 years ago

    i like it
    but We need to work steps
    and size

    this looks neat i wonder if i could use the method in somthing im thinking of provided
    you are ok with that

    1 reply

    I am ok with it as long as it applies to the license I have on it and you give me credit and dont sell it commercially, etc.
    Link to the license

    I have been very busy with school lately, but I will try to make one soon.

    I also have the files on Thingiverse along with a layer by layer adobe illustrator piece if you want it.