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Introduction: Claw Business Card V1

About: I like to make inventions, usually out of paper and stuff I have. I have a few projects that i haven't put up on instructables yet...

I have finally gotten around to upload this to Instructables, I have been extremely busy with school. I plan on making a full instructable soon with a newer version. I was inspired by this instructable and I thought, why not just use the mechanism I created in my Claw 2.0 for a business card? This is the first prototype, I plan on making it stronger and a bit thinner(it is 3mm tall). I also made a youtube video, it is below. I plan on making more instructables soon, I have a few ideas that I plan on making.

Link to the thingiverse page with downloads for the prototype

Youtube video



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    i like it
    but We need to work steps
    and size

    ugh hrry u and make it this was posted in 2012 its 2014 cmon

    i cant download it

    Dude, you should tell us how to make it, because its cool!

    this looks neat i wonder if i could use the method in somthing im thinking of provided
    you are ok with that

    1 reply

    I am ok with it as long as it applies to the license I have on it and you give me credit and dont sell it commercially, etc.
    Link to the license

    Have you made the full instructable yet? I really would love to make this.

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    I have been very busy with school lately, but I will try to make one soon.

    I also have the files on Thingiverse along with a layer by layer adobe illustrator piece if you want it.

    Ok, thanks. I think this design is awesome.

    bro use this for your buisness than everyone would go to it

    this looks really good, and it would make awesome door hangers (or plastic keyrings?)