Dobby is one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter and someone in the family wanted a little figure of him. So I got some sculpey clay and went to work right away.

Step 1: Start at the Bottom

I decided to make this a bust kind of thing instead of a figurine, so I started by taking a lump of clay about an inch tall and wide and I shaped this to be his chest, shoulders, and his back. Then I put a slightly bigger piece on the top for his head. From this piece I started the nose and also the neck and a little bit of the head. Next I added his big floppy ears on the sides and I widened the head a little bit.
<p>I love it! He looks so real!</p>
Sorry I meant to type great
Very good instructable and its a frat figurine
Dobby is a free elf now I was crying when he died it was so sad!!!
Dobby like Dobby sir...
<p>This is looking pretty good, great job!</p>

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