Introduction: Clay Cake

Picture of Clay Cake

making of clay cake

Step 1: Supplies and Tools


white paper

rectangular box

different colour clay

Polystyrene ball

metal wire

Step 2: Making Clay Flowers

Picture of Making Clay Flowers

make flowers from different colour clay . you can make any shape of flowers or anything like heart , triangle etc

Step 3: Box Setup

Picture of Box Setup

take rectangular block and wrap it with white paper

Step 4: Bubble Rod

make bubble rod by inserting bubbles on metal wires

Step 5: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

sticke all the flowers and bubble rod on box

Step 6: Finish

Picture of Finish

make some finishing touches


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-08

This would be a good way to make a permanent display for a bakery.

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