Introduction: Clay Character Pendant

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This is a tutorial on how to make a pendant of any character out of clay.

What you'll need:

A pointy tool

Step 1: Pick Your Character

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So the first thing you want to do is pick your character. I chose the Wayward Vagabond from the webcomic Homestuck. I chose to make his head. Print out the shape you want, or trace it, or just freehand draw it. Just get it on paper.

Step 2: Cut Out the Shape

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Good. You have your outline. Cut it out, and make sure that it's the size you want. Remember, the picture you choose is going to be the exact size of the finished necklace

Step 3: Making the Pendant

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Alright. Now get your ball of modeling substance and make it as thick or thin as you want. I reccomend thicker ones. They do take longer to dry, but it's sturdier. Press your paper pattern firmly down onto the clay, making sure the ends are stuck down.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Shape

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Take your pointy tool and cut around the pendant, smoothing the edges as you go along. Pull away the excess clay as you work around it. Once the shape is fully cut out, peel the paper off. Make any final adjustments to the shape like smoothing edges again. Take a pin or the pointy tool and poke a hole where you want it to hang from the necklace.

Step 5: Paint and Seal

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Paint the necklace as you wish. Make sure to use a few coats of sealer, as the paint can scratch off or chip very easily!! Make sure to also not paint over the hole and clogging it. Slide a wire piece inside the hole, and bend it into a circle. Run the circle through the necklace, and you're finished! Enjoy your new necklace!


Nepeta (author)2015-04-20

Thats really cool =3

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