Clay Chocolate Cookie





Introduction: Clay Chocolate Cookie

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You can make the cookie by using polymer clay without the air dry clay

Step 1: Materials

Clay (see picture above for color examples)

Air dry clay

Step 2: Making the Cookie

Mix one part clay with one part white air dry clay
Form the clay into a ball and flatten it
Because I used air dry clay, there will be creaks in the clay to make it have a baked effect

Step 3: Making the Chip

Take some dark clay and form a point at the end
Make the other end of the clay flat
Place it on top of the cookie in the middle

Step 4: Bake and Glaze

Bake the clay and glaze it to add shine to the chocolate chip



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    Dang!!! I wanna eat it now!! :D

    Thanks for the positive comments! :)

    If I was a struggling dentist I would hand these out all over town

    so realistic!

    at first I thought it was an instructable about making eatable cookies!

    Parece muito bom.