Introduction: Clay Critters - Owl

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What you need:

  1. 1 x 1 1/2-inch diameter ball of clay (BOC)
  2. 4 x 1/4-inch BOC
  3. 1 x Moderately tiny BOC
  4. 2 x Super-tiny BOC
  5. Marble

Step 1: With BONUS "Get Fancy" Tip!

Picture of With BONUS "Get Fancy" Tip!

Roll largest BOC on flat surface to elongate slightly; press bottom of elongated BOC on flat surface to
form a tall-ish dome.

Get Fancy: Want a horned owl? After Step 1, use your fingers to pinch ear tufts on top of your owl's head.

Step 2:

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Use marble to press two side-by-side indentations near top of dome, to make eyes.

Step 3:

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Roll 1/4-inch BOCs on a flat surface until they're roughly 1/3-inch in length.

Step 4:

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Use finger to flatten 1/3-inch rolls into ovals.

Step 5:

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Press two ovals onto bottom of owl so that they stick out slightly in front, to create the feet.

Step 6:

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Press one oval onto each side of owl, to create wings.

Step 7:

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Press two super-tiny BOCs into centers of eye indentations to give your owl the gift of sight.

Step 8:

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Use finger to flatten moderately tiny BOC into a circle, then carefully shape into a triangle; press flat triangle against front of owl, below eyes, to make the beak.


ChrysN (author)2015-01-26

It's so cute!

ChandraBlackwell (author)ChrysN2015-01-26

Ha! Glad you like it; I'm creating these instructables for my kid's birthday party (I'm putting clay and paints in the goody bags, and it's a nature themed party, so I'm giving the kids written instructions for how to make three different animals with the clay -- and I wanted to be able to provide pictures) -- I never thought anyone else would see it! :-)

ChrysN (author)ChandraBlackwell2015-01-26

What a fun party idea. I guess if you didn't want anyone to see it you could publish it privately though that would be a shame your clay models are cute and the instructions are easy to follow, I am sure other people would like to see them. I was actually going to suggest that if you want more views you could put an image of the finished model in the intro step and the thumbnail.

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