Introduction: Clay Drip Vase

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Materials Used:-

  • POP(Plaster of Paris)
  • Fevicol or regular glue
  • Fevicryl Acrylic Colours(Black, Metallic Rust,Bronze,Metallic Copper)
  • Waste Cloth
  • Air Dry Clay


Step 1:

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Mix POP(Plaster of Paris) and Fevicol in 1:1 ratio.

Mix it properly.

Step 2:

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Take the cloth of the size which you want the vase to be.
Dip the waste cloth in the mixture and coat it well.

Step 3:

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Put the cloth on a bottle or tin.

Let it dry over night.

Step 4:

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Once dried, it will be hard and you will get the shape of the vase.

Step 5:

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Paint it with Black Acrylic Colour.

Step 6:

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Brush Lightly with Bronze, Copper and Rust colour.Let it dry.

You can use air dry clay to make small decorative pieces and stick it.

Step 7:

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Your vase is ready to be adorned with flowers.


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